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In July 2015, an idea was born out of 18 years of experience in the optical world for Edward Carmona who at the time was living in Caracas, Venezuela with his wife. The plan was to start a family-run business where he could be able to bring all his experience as an optometry doctor and blend it in with his family now of course with his business partners’ experiences in sales, customer service and his fashion oriented wife and sister in law.

The vision was taking shape, an upscale optical store, where only designer brands would be taking the spotlight, while at the same time having knowledgeable staff members helping to improve the experience with a friendly, dedicated, professional and personal approach.

Carlens Luxury Optical “CLO” was born in February of the following year and after a careful selection of spaces, CLO would open its doors in The Shops at Park Lane in August of 2016. Bringing in a thorough choice of the latest models from the well-known brands to the small independent hand-crafted frames, in both necessity and accessorizing your eyewear collection.  We can also fill all your contact lens needs, whether multifocal, daily, or extended wear, we carry all brands and the newest technology in contacts.

Currently, Edward Carmona continues his education with the purpose to get his license here in the U.S as an Optometrist (to read more about his bio click here). However, he and his family are always around to help improve the service CLO provides to its clients in the best possible way.

We listen, analyze, and bring a solution to our client’s needs. Either to give a little push to their fashion forward self or to give them comfort and calm with education in lens technology they need. Everything is customized to our client’s wishes and desires.

We truly believe that getting a new pair of frames and lenses doesn’t have to be an issue anymore and we are thrilled to bring you a new perspective.

We love what we do and hope you can visit us soon.


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